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Fia Gulliksson


Food and sustainability advocate Fia Gulliksson has put Jämtland, in the heart of Sweden, on the global culinary map. Fia is a serial entrepreneur and a self-trained chef focused on creative gastronomy. Charged with the spirit of Pippi Longstocking and the vigour of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad she was appointed as Honorary Doctor PhD by the Mid Sweden University 2017.

Fia uses food and culture as the tools for sustainable profits. She’s CEO of Food In Action Company Group founded by her in 2000. The company has launched a number of successful initiatives and sustainable brands like The Great Nordic Feast, Eat Up Food Walks, Flowfood and prizewinning Jazzkoket.
She is also behind her hometown Östersund’s successful bid to become a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and the host city of the network’s annual summit in September 2016.Her initiatives have catalysed the development of the county of Jämtland’s development and put the region firmly on the map. What’s more, Fia’s companies provide enduring social and cultural capital in rural areas, they’re debt-free, and… they’re profitable.
Fia spent three years as the host of Swedish Radio’s popular MENY (Menu) food and cooking show. Furthermore on she also inspired Bergen in Norway to become a UNESCO Creative City. After years of work they finally got appointed in December 2015.

Under the Food in Action banner, Fia hosts a cultural podcast series called, and manages two other companies, the rural restaurant Sikåsköket and the organic tea company Brunkullans Te. Today,

Having handed the reigns of Jazzköket over to co-founder Andersson in 2015, Fia now spends her time, and energy, travelling the world, motivating and inspiring others into creative action, in order to initiate a social transformation of their local community. Fia’s mission is also to inspire others worldwide to embark on a sustainable business journey driven by culture and creativity.

Moderating, speaking and curating events and think tanks at conferences across the world, often as Sweden’s representative, Fia has appeared at: the Åre Sustainability Summit; TEDxÖstersund; Terroir Symposium –Toronto; as delegate on CNN in Bilbao at the Parabere Forum; Slow Food’s Terre Madre in Turin; and curated programs and speeches for UNESCO Creative Cities annual meetings in Shenzhen and Chengdu, China, Montreal in Canada, Istanbul in Turkey, Kanazawa in Japan and as far afield as Jenjou, Korea.

Specialties: Designing creative GOOD FOOD* ecosystems and brands. Contributing to a better world with gastronomy, creativity and sustainable, inspiring leadership. Ahead of time in many ways. *taste, sustainability, equality

Fredrik Bengtsson

Graphic Designer

Fredrik Bengtsson

I´m a 27 year old student from Östersund, currently living in Sundsvall.
I´m studying graphic design and communication at Mid Sweden University and I graduate in June of 2019.

Before I started studying I spent up to 6 years in and out of traveling, I worked mostly during the spring and autumn and traveled during summer and winter.
Seeing all those places and experiencing different cultures made me very interested in culture, food and different ways of living. I realized how lucky I was that I was born and raised in a place like Östersund, a place where you can hike to the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere in the morning, have a swim in the lake in the evening and then finish the day with amazing food and great company, all in one day.

I worked in construction during the time I was traveling, but I quickly realized that it didn´t give me the creative outlet that I wanted.
So I started to study graphic design, and I immediately felt that this was something I really enjoyed doing.

So I found myself at H E I M, and it really felt the way the name communicates, it felt like a home.
I am going to help out here with graphic design, I am mostly going to team with Ruben now in the Super Green project, and I´m super excited.

Hanna Edling

Copywriter & Communicator

Hanna is my name, born and raised in Östersund. After nearly seven years in Umeå, mainly at Umeå University, I am finally back to my roots.

Let me tell you a little about me. I took my first steps in Optand, a city outside Östersund. This is where it all begun, my fondness of creating, in all possible forms. Composing rhymes occupied a lot of my time as a youngling. Since then, various forms of expressions, linguistic and visual, have followed me. I'm a person who loves the beauty around me, nature, skiing, music, creating, and exploring different types of crafts. A curious, creative and thoughtful creature. I spend most of my time in my studio, in the woods or in the mountains! I am very fond of excursions, adventures and exploring treasures of the nature. My studio is dedicated to creative activities such as music, writing, design, painting, silversmithing, ceramics and redoing all sorts of things.

Having that said, what I did later on is perhaps no surprise. Namely, studies in communication in several types of compounds. So, with two bachelor's degrees, in Media- and Communication Science and Social Psychology, and one year at the Master's Program IT Management I felt that I was done with that kind of education. I wanted to find a place where I could use all my knowledge from school and previous jobs combined with my creative interests, a place where I could apply my passion for words, messages and content in different shapes. A place with space for interaction and development.

I found my place at H E I M, a home away from home. Me + H E I M = like peas in a pod! Accordingly, I now have my physical workplace at H E I M Food Studio where I work with the communications team in the Food In Action Company Group.

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