02/11 H E I M session vol. 13


Cold days have arrived and what a better way to celebrate it than with comfort homy stews? Our guest chef Henrik Rettrup takes you on a journey across the world to discover regional stews. Did you know that most countries have their national stews? Corea has Jigae, France has Ragoût, Sweden has Gryta, Italy has Ragù, Norway has Lapskaus, India has Curry, and so on. Come and see what’s cooking in our pot this Friday!

Drop in for tasty pintxos (vegan options as well), small cold and hot dishes or just a glass of natural wine, local beer, kok coffee & Brunkullans te. Great music in a cozy atmosphere.

Want to book a chair? It’s Family-style. Please send a message here on Facebook or a mail to info@heim.se

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