14/09 H E I M sessions vol. 6


H E I M session vol. 6 brings you fresh cheese to the table! Fluffy soft white gold – an homage to our regional milk farmers.

We had a dream a silky local burrata, made from our Swedish milk. Take mozzarella, add cream, wrap it, be in delight. If this Puglian treat makes you as hungry as us, join us on Friday 14 September! Our chef Fia Gulliksson will build her menu with this gem at its core.

CHEESY LUNCH 12.00-14.00 (you can sit until 15.00)
At least 2-3 courses including freshly roasted coffee and dessert are served for 175Skr.

For the lunch session- send a message here on Facebook or a mail to info@heim.se

CHEESY AW/Aperitivo 16.00-20.00

Drop in for tasty pintxos (vegan options as well), small cold and cooked dishes or just a glass of local beer, wine or kokkaffe. Great music (maybe even some live) in a cozy atmosphere.

This Friday, let’s set the table past the milky way at H E I M sweet H E I M !



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