12/10 H E I M sessions vol. 10


H E I M goes South! Follow us on a journey across the Mediterranean sea. Bruschetta, Parma and Olive oil from Italy, Baba Ganoush from Lebanon, Makdouss from Syria, Greek olives are classics at H E I M now. But let’s broaden our food horizons: sumac, rose water, pistachio, peppermint, labneh, zaatar, pita bread, mana’ich, kebbé, ayran, arak, feta, tarama, moussaka, shawarma. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our coworkers, Ruben J Khalil from Syria, Petra Cavini and Helene Tangas from Greece, take you on a trip to discover their home food at H E I M food studio this Friday.

Join us on this tasty adventure for a Mediterranean AW/Aperitivo/Dinner 15.00-21.00

Drop in for tasty pintxos (vegan options as well), small cold and cooked dishes or just a glass of natural wine, local beer, cardamom coffee & Brunkullans te. Great music in a cozy atmosphere.

Want to book a table? Please send a message here on Facebook or a mail to info@heim.se



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