19/10 H E I M session vol. 11


H E I M food studio continues its journey through inspiring sustainable foods! This week, we celebrate French cuisine. Our guest chef, Malek Amarouche, will take you to his home country. In your plates expect baguette (of course), tapenade, French fish soup and many more! Join us for a cosy apéritif or comfy dinner, the French way from 15.00 to 21.00.

Drop in for tasty pintxos (vegan options as well), small cold and cooked dishes or just a glass of natural wine, local beer, kok coffee & Brunkullans te. Great music in a cozy atmosphere.

Expect delicious French dishes such as:

-Baguette with green and black tapenade
-Onion Soup
-French fish soup

Want to book a chair? It’s Family-style. Please send a message here on Facebook or a mail to info@heim.se



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