07/09 H E I M sessions vol. 5


H E I M session vol. 5 is focusing on good local food and Nordic super berries! You don’t have to go to South America and Central America to find them. They are just around the corner and ready to be picked. In this session, you’ll taste some of the super berries we love so much, Sea Buckthorn (Havtorn), Rowen berries (Rönnbär) and Rosehip (Nypon). During the session, you’ll get more knowledge on what and how you can use these berries in food and drinks. We might even have an expert to share skills. Recipes will definitely be shared. Come to join the jam session. For the lunch session- send a message here on Facebook or a mail to info@heim.se
Boost up you vitamin stock for winter time at H E I M  sweet  H E I M !
Menu coming soon!


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